August 24-28, 2016

Ginger Baker

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Thank you for taking the time to browse my website and learn more about me.  I am so thankful for the talents and opportunities that God has given me.  The relationships I've attained through this business are lifelong, and are so precious to me.  I continue to push myself, and try new unique avenues to explore options in the horse and marketing world.  Below, I've written the story of how I got where I am today.  Remember to always tell someone if you are impressed with ANYTHING they do.  Your comment could be what they need to hear, to attain the confidence to be GREAT!

     Each Christmas, my mother always got me a big gift, and several smaller gifts.   I could always expect one of the 'smaller gifts' to be a Horse Calendar.   I loved looking through the 12 large pictures of horses, trying to guess the breed before I confirmed it by reading the footnote.

   I always found myself disappointed at the "shots."   Sure, they were spectacular images of photographic clarity.... but, what disappointed me was the horses they chose as models, and the position they snapped the photo.   It seemed like the photographers chose the worst of each breed and posted it in the calendar.   I would often ask my mom why the horses they chose were not standing correctly, poor hoofs, poor coat condition...ears not up..etc.  She would reply, "The photographers taking the pictures are not horse people."    I knew I could take a better picture... so I would saddle up our horses, pose them & take what I thought were Great horse pictures.    I was probably 12 or 13 when I really started taking it seriously.  I sat out in the pasture for hours watching and observing horse behavior.  I took mental notes of what positions make horses look their best.  I also learned their body language, which helps me predict movement to snap photos.   I learned to anticipate when horses are about to put their ears 'up'...and when to anticipate the placement of their legs on an action shot.  When I started taking pictures, everything was 35mm.  That meant, that everytime I snapped a picture, it would cost money to see if it turned out or not.   So, the better I became at snapping photos at the right time, the less money it cost me to get the shot I wanted.  My sister and I studied and trained for 10+ years on Horse Judging teams- which has really been beneficial in my photography.     Today, with digital, I get instant feedback on my shot...and it typically {knock on wood} doesn't take me long to freeze the image I want.  


   I worked in Insurance for 7 years, specializing in Horse and Livestock Insurance.  One of my best friends called one day and told me about a job interview she got with an Equine Marketing company.  {I was sooo jealous to say the least}... but, I was happy for her & wished her well in her interview.  That same night, my friend called me and said..."Ginger, the interview went great....but I told them that they should hire you, not me."  {huh?} ........   The next day, I borrowed a co-workers cell phone and snuck  out of the insurance office to set up an interview.    My interview went great as well and my dream job was offered to me!   

     The CEO and owner of the Equine Marketing company allowed me to dream big & often allowed me to integrate my ideas into the business.   We attained clients from all over North America and attended horse shows and events year round.   We also worked closely with some of the major horse breeds such as the Appaloosa Horse Club, the Morgan Horse Association, the Palomino Horse Breeders Association, the Pinto Horse Association, the Trail Horse Association, the Oklahoma Foundation Horse Association and several other equine news publications.   I was also given the opportunity to participate in LIVE radio interviews about Equine Marketing.   

     Our company also offered classified sales and marketing packages that included equine photography and video.  I was handed the camera on a photo shoot in Norman, OK and when my boss previewed my photos... I was told that from now on- I was taking the horse pictures. :)    I had never mentioned my fascination with equine photography, but my secret was soon reveled.    My boss' confidence in me and my pictures, gave me the confidence to step out on my own and create Baker Equine Promotions & Western Photography.


I have expanded my photography to include pets, people, newborns, cattle, events, product photos and band photos.   I also enjoy creating videos, websites, ad design and marketing packages for businesses and organizations.    I continue to be active in Showing Horses, Barrel Racing, Rodeo and we own and raise Race Horses.   I have a large client base of Riding Students, of all ages, that I work with when I am not traveling.    Everyday I read & research to learn something new about Marketing, and of coarse- the latest in the Horse Industry.  


My husband and I have a farm in Southern Oklahoma {www.Yellow28farm.com} & also operate a Taxidermy business and Hunting Show.    We enjoy the outdoors, especially hunting season.   Please let me know if I can help you, or answer any questions about promoting your business, organization or ranch.   My rates are incredibly reasonable.   I look forward to meeting you and discussing your unique marketing plan.

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